Always happy to be with these magnificent animals, Ian, unintentionally, changed lives of students from the United Kingdom, by introducing them to the elephants of Tembe National Park, Zululand, South Africa.  With his inherent knowledge of these gentle giants, gained through years of working with them, Ian described the importance of family life and support […]


Another hugely successful year of university and college groups arriving from the United Kingdom to study all aspects of wildlife management, conservation, sustainable utilization, community development, anthropology – all towards credits for their degrees. Programmes had been set up by Ian to not only facilitate their studies, but to also give them a taste of […]


Ian has just completed a successful tour as lead guide for a group from the Reading University.  In order to add to their credits for their degrees, a number of new modules was introduced into the programme which as well as being informative, were also great fun. These included a wildlife game auction, game count […]


ABOUT US : Lesley and  Ian Thomson, have helped promote awareness of the importance of wildlife management and environmental conservation through e-newsletters and websites, various forms of media, education, community development and training.   Ian Thomson has over 38 years experience covering wildlife management, park and game reserve management, game lodge development and management, game […]


Africa talks to us. Over the years we have traveled to many parts of Africa, met many interesting and different people, worked on various wildlife and community projects, and arranged tours and safaris for travelers from all over the world. Along the way we have had published many articles on a wide range of subjects, […]