CONSULTING….a big word?

Need somebody to help with wildlife management, setting up a game reserve, conservancy or nature park?  Problems with marauding elephants, over or under-stocking of animals, anti-poaching security training, developing tourism, infrastructure? EXPERIENCE does count….share your problems and visions, we at Integrated Conservation Africa will do the rest. Contact : Ian Thomson :   Advertisements


Photo by Jim Mackie

WHO ARE WE?     The original idea of starting AFRICA TALKED came from our media company AFRICA TALKS which encompassed not only bringing wildlife, people, books, travel and news from this fascinating continent together for readers all over the world, but also as a forum to share ideas and opinions.

Through AFRICA TALKS we discovered how little and how much people know of Africa, some expecting it to be all about wildlife and conservation, adventure and unique experiences – which it can be! – other people to be wary of the unknown and preferring to be ‘armchair travelers,’ watching Africa unfold on a screen, and to experience Africa through the written word.

So we talked.  We listened. We shared.

We talked about our own experiences gained through a life-time living and working in Africa. We passed on our knowledge of years spent living in wilderness areas, of research and development, of wildlife, conservation and community, of history past and history in the making.  Yes, we even talked about the drudgery, for like all careers, there is an element of that too.

Norman Carr and Big Boy
We re-told tales and legends passed on to us by men and women who have such incredible awareness of Africa, it’s people, their traditions and culture. (Photo Norman Carr with Big Boy)

We listened to those who know so much more than we ever will about Africa.  We listened to people with good ideas, strange ideas, and opinions that could at times be mind-boggling, but always interesting.

We Shared …………and will continue to share

Through the visual impact of photographs and art-work – more than a thousand words?

We continue to review books on or about Africa – memoirs, biographies, novels based on experiences, children’s stories and more….

Supporting education on conservation, wildlife management, empowering lives and care of Africa’s children.Himba boy (2)_edited

Travel – with carefully selected guides and destinations we recommend only the finest experiences tailored to individual requirements and expectations.

so we can bring understanding and appreciation of Africa to the world


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